• The building is located on the southeast corner of Broadway and Willow.  The entrance to the parkade is off Willow St.


  • Pay Parking for the Fairmont Medical Building: The public parking lot is $6.00 per hour and there is no all day rate.


  • There is an all day rate at 805 West Broadway and 777 West Broadway and it currently costs $18.  Both entrances are off of Willow between 8th Ave and Broadway.


  • note: you must go home in a car or taxi, public transportation is NOT allowed.


*** As a patient, you must have an adult escort you home who has a vested interest in your safety.  A taxi driver does not count as your escort.***


750 West Broadway - #806  Vancouver, BC  V5Z 1H8

Telephone:   604 872 5977

 FAX:            604 873 5900

E-mail: info@afd.ca